Friday, November 30, 2007

New Summer Tour Rumors...

So, by now many of my friends know of my excitement about the Ministry tour set for next year. The Final Tour. And, THE FINAL SHOW in Chicago. Well, another tour I will have to TRY and see MIGHT be coming to the US next summer. I'm guessing many of my friends will not even glance at this twice (ya punks!) but it is a big one for me. Hell even the rumored opener (who has helped spread the rumors of the tour themselves) is someone I'd really like to see. Anyway, the rumors are spreading far and wide that Led Zeppelin are going to tour the US in the summer. And evidently it's the chosen openers, The Cult, that are spreading the rumors, see the article i've linked. As a long time fan of both, I would love to see them on a stage together.

I've never actually seen either live and in person. With Zeppelin, since the age of about 12, I watched "The Song Remains the Same" so many times my parents had to buy me a new copy one Christmas while I was in High School, the tape had stretched and I couldn't view it any longer. Granted, by then I had been introduced to V-89 and the underground sounds of "alternative" music and "punk," and was not all that into watching it anymore. Eventually my only "real" Zeppelin connection for a while was picking up an album here and there that J.P. Jones had produced. The closest I came to seeing Zeppelin in person was my senior year of high school, I got to see Robert Plant in concert (first road trip concert actually). It was in Jacksonville and the best part, CHEAP TRICK opened (THEY know how to put on a show). Anyway, it was a "wishful" road trip as I was not a huge Plant solo fan, liked a a few songs (I had been one of the many bit by the "Big Log" bug and Now & Zen definitely filled a little of the Zeppelin hole in me, it had Zeppelin samples in it for Pete's sake!), I just hoped to see one or two actual Zeppelin songs in person. It happened, but it just didn't seem to really do the job.

THEN there's the Cult. I was introduced to them with Electric but quickly got into their earlier work, especially the Southern Death Cult stuff (none of this was a huge jump for me at the time, my two favorite bands up until then were Zeppelin and THE DOORS). Granted the SDC stuff is long gone, but with the new album Born Into seems as though they've hearkened back to some of the older Love and even some Electric type of work. They definitely stripped things down and got away from the "overly produced" sounds of late. I've had two chances to see "The Cult" live (well, once as The Cult and then once it was Ian's project, The Holy Barbarians, after the break-up) but both times it was during that not so good early to mid-90s phase when I was NOT all that interested in seeing any Ian Astbury...and both times it was at a local club that I was not a big fan of either. So now they're back creating some good tunes and maybe I'll have another chance at seeing them as well.

Suppose that was a long way to go just to let you know there are some major rumors going around that Led Zeppelin with The Cult is a possible summer tour for '08, but you have an idea of where I am on the whole thing. I also found it interesting that the website I linked above, with the story about the rumors, wrote things up quite differently from another on line magazine. N.M.E. basically took the rantings of a possibly drunk*, fanboy, on stage, during a show as "confirmation." No need to double check with any P.R. people, or booking agents, or label managers or reps, we'll just take what we heard was said at this one concert as the "truth," the tour is confirmed. Heh.

Now if only they would book that show in Chicago on the Friday or Saturday after Ministry's final show...guess that would be too much to ask.

* I have no idea if Ian drinks or not, but it adds to the idea of there not being any real reason to print it as a "confirmed tour."

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween Night in Tally

Finally able to post about Halloween...

So, with darkness falling earlier and days growing shorter, the "trick or treaters" were out before I really got a chance to prepare for them. I barely got home from work (and "cleaning duty") before the first ones were knocking at the door. Had to cut short the first call from DJ to avoid the college kids who didn't even seem to be in costume.

D'Alemberts-Roberts good and evil.Then "the" call came shortly there after, the Roberts were getting ready but running a little late (which was good, because I was too). I still had to pack records for the Beta Bar gig AND get into my own costume. So, I fill the bowl with "body parts" (best new gummy candy for Halloween) and Hershey's mini-chocolates. The boys came over in Darth Vader and Yoda costumes (personalities did NOT match).

After they left, mere seconds later, a knock at the door and I knew I had to get it (don't want any tricks played on me and they HAD to have seen me sending off the Roberts crew). So, I grab the bowl and open the door, two girls who had to be late high school or early college age...again, not sure what the costumes were. Actually, the first one had put some effort into it, but don't ask me what she was, it was her partner that IMMEDIATELY grabbed my attention...she didn't say "trick or treat" ... because SHE WAS ON HER CELL PHONE!! Had she said, "Can you hear me now?" I would have let it pass...instead I was just in shock. I grabbed a couple chocolates for each and sent them on their way, wishing I had sat and waited for her to finish her call. THAT WILL NOT happen at our house again.

After that I did get a few kids with their families, which was amazing considering the Roberts were the only ones to come by last year. Seems as though we got some of the run-off from the big Democrat story about our neighborhood putting on a great Halloween party of sorts.

Then it was time for me to get ready. I had the entire costume planned in my head, even went to Publix on my lunch break to pick up a single red rose. But, what I didn't plan on was my "pet bat" going AWOL. I spent way too much time trying to find it, and it never was found actually, luckily the Beta Bar was running late as well. (Tardiness, it's a Tallahassee thing.)

I'll make you an offer you'll truly despise.Anyway, got the records together, a pretty good selection i'd say. Then got into costume and even took a few pictures. "Slicked" back hair, nice "tux" shirt with small pillow underneath, bow-tie, dressy leather jacket and nice slacks. Now, add to this the gauze in the cheeks and some dark make-up on the eyes and cheeks (you'll just have to imagine the stuffed bat that I would pet periodically). Yes, I went dressed this Halloween as The Gothfather.

Got to the Beta Bar in time to see the last half of one of the opening acts, even though it was well past the time DJ Vadim should've been on. Very low turn-out, not good for an artist like Vadim, I can only guess the Beta Bar bank account took a beating on this one. Sad that Tallahassee doesn't bring out more for shows like this. Eventually he went on and had two singers on stage with him. Overall great show, interesting singers with a very US3 kinda vibe, just wish there had been more of a focus on the DJ. Quick side-note: You know you're at a low turn-out show when one of the singers calls out EVERY SINGLE AUDIENCE MEMBER, she even asked my name because I came in after she had already asked everyone's name prior to taking the stage...lovely.

Early on there were not many costumes, probably due to the timing of the early show. It was easy to single out the person I knew to get a good photo of them. Ian came as a Zombie Security Gaurd of sorts... his blood was quite realistic when first "applied," oozing and dripping and eventually drying in place. He added after a certain point, everything gets everywhere and it's just damn sticky...I reminded him of the "Body Bag Scan Show Intro."

After we kicked out the 12 Vadim fans, the decorating began. I didn't have much to do but helped set up the speakers and such. Eventually just sitting back to watch the hangings go up and check out the other costumes. Not many grabbed my attention as "outstanding" ideas, but some were cute. I got so caught up in it that I forgot to take pictures of individual costumes...think I was a little nervous about DJing for the first time in front of a decent sized audience. I think my music selection was pretty damn good, even Truewill commented that he came over to check out three different songs...but it was my mixing that got the poor grade. I just was not in it for some reason. I think my first 4 or 5 were fine but it quickly went down hill. To add to this they had brought in some CD players but I never got trained on them (the new fangled cd mixers) and it wouldn't have mattered because as DJ Miami came on he found out they weren't even plugged in for sound...good thing I brought plenty of vinyl.

With the crowd being of "average" club going age, and the Beta Bar crew busy since they were working I was lucky to have DJ Brad Ashwell around. Rarely get to hang out with him and it was nice to finally get to chat with him even if it was rather brief. Little bit of music talk, little bit of "man we're gettin' old" talk and then he had to hit the tables himself. Played a great set of house, which has been his big "thing" lately. Started off with some Beat Pharmacy and worked his way, eventually, into some Aphex Twin from Early Ambient Works I. At some point, I actually made the decision, "I'm having a drink (or two) and gettin' some dancing in since it happens so infrequently." Got some of the special "Beta Bar Brew" and after downing it rather quickly (maybe too quickly) I hit the floor and had some fun sweating quite a bit under my Gothfather costume. Had a good time, except for the part where we watched the long, drawn out costume contest, and as Brad got back to DJing I realized they were staying open VERY late was already 2am and he was just getting back on the tables. (Now I just need to get him on the radio show.)

I said no thanks to the offer of another set, I had brought plenty of tunes, but my old bones and the need to be at work at 8am was not a good combo for djing into the wee small hours like i used to...maybe on a weekend.

Overall, had a good time...just wish I could've done better mixing that evening.