Monday, March 17, 2008

Exactly what I expected...

This was to be expected... In the states (or primaries) that allow this "cross voting" I knew that the Republicans would be out voting for Hillary. This is not because they like her, just the opposite. This is because they hate her so much they know it will bring out the "republican hate vote" in November, thus giving a boost to whoever gets the nomination for the republicans (McCain). They know Obama is probably the tougher candidate for them to battle, so they are helping their cause by any means necessary, even voting for someone they hate.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Something to think about...

For many it's too late to worry about this kinda thing, but my cousin just sent me a very interesting article from Salon. It's all about candidate branding and the world view of the U.S. With Rush saying he's voting for Clinton (truly can't trust him) along with a few other neo-cons, I can't help but think they believe she is there best chance at keeping a republican in the White House. By this I mean they know they can rally there core AGAINST her as most republicans seem to actually "HATE" her. While my personal "core" choice has been out of it for a while, i'm still thinking about Obama for this very reason.
But, as my cousin said, it's nice to think of the possibilities.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Time for some tunes...

Finishing up two different written pieces on Killing Joke and the latest Tonikom album out on Hymen (I think, I always mix-up Hymen and Ant Zen for some reason). Anyway, those will be posted soon with a few other short reviews of things like the new Boole release, DEATHKEY (as if there isn't enough out there about the DEATHKEY album) and maybe even the new Bauhaus.

But today I bring you Trent Reznor has ventured out on his own since leaving finishing his previous label contract. And Nine Inch Nails releases something "completely different." Titled Ghosts I-IV go to the site and you can download the first 9 tracks of the 36 track recording for free. OR you can pay $5 for the full 36 tracks download and a 40 page PDF about the recording. OR you can pay $10 and get the downloads and a 2CD recording send to your home with a 16-page booklet. OR you can go for the $75 version in a hardcover fabric slipcase which contains "2 audio CDs, 1 data DVD with all 36 tracks in multi-track format, and a Blu-ray disc with Ghosts I-IV in high-definition 96/24 stereo and accompanying slideshow." OR, get this, you can order the $300 version which includes everything in the $75 version plus "an exclusive four-LP 180 gram vinyl set in a fabric slipcase, and two exclusive limited edition Giclee prints in a luxurious package. Limited to 2500 pieces, numbered and signed by Trent Reznor." I kid you not.

I'll be downloading a copy momentarily, of course.