Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Four Sheets to the Wind in ...Jacksonville?

YES!!! Finally, procrastinating pays off...well, not really, but things did work out in the end. I'm heading out of town in a couple hours, with a few V-89 DJs, to see Tom Waits in Jacksonville. Though i've known about the tour and the Jax date for a while, the plans didn't really start happening, or even come together, till yesterday, right after I got off work...when I finally found someone leaving later than noon (I had to work today). Of course once i got home the damn ticketbastard site had shut down sales. The operator said it did not necessarily mean they were sold out. So, when the venues offices opened I called to see if they still had some, and they did. So I called TM back and well...they said the promoter had pulled the remaining tickets. Well...this sucked and I was ready to throw-up...my hands in frustration, when I decided to try the site one last time. Not only were they now selling tickets but i'm in a very, very good seat near the front. Rawk! Tom Waits, i'm on my way man! See ya soon. (I added a photo I took with my phone...pretty close eh?)

Not a huge fan of Jax, but I'm ready for a little escape, and I (knock on wood) will finally get to see Tom Waits. Over the past ten or twelve years, every time he's toured anywhere near Floriduh, i've missed out for one reason or another. Now, I have my "virtual ticket" (this is a "paperless ticket show") in my "virtual wallet," i've got a backpack ready to go and just grabbed a shirt from home. I'm ready to head out. AND, since i'm not driving I brought a book and my cd player (yeah, my 6 year old MP3 player died) and some good tunes, in case the DJs have ideas of playing stuff I don't like. ANyway, wish me luck, there's still chances something could happen that would keep me from seeing the show...for instance, I think the djs are looking to leave after 5 (they said 4 originally) and the show starts at 8...so yeah, it'll be close.

Complete review probably this weekend...after I have recovered. :)