Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DJs and Dancers, beware...

Dancing is, evidently, illegal.

Just gotta love, D.C. It seems everyday something new comes up that makes me love it more and more. , < /sarcasm >

Here's the lastest from another blogger.

"The background: twenty people were at the Jefferson Memorial, dancing to the private groove of their own iPods so as not to disturb anyone. Apparently cops showed up and ordered them to disperse anyway, despite the fact that they were not doing anything obviously illegal. One of the libertarians joyfully (yet tastefully and quietly) celebrating the birthday of a favorite founding father questioned why they should have to move along--at which point one of DC's finest shoved them up against a pillar, cuffed their hands behind their back, and hauled them away." Read on...

Just love that it all happened on Jefferson's Birthday.

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